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 |  Home  |  About  |  Log in  |  Sign up  |  Help  | visitors are advised to be sensible in their dating encounters. If you are arranging a blind date we would advise you to inform a friend or relative where you are going. If you do decide to meet someone in person, always make sure it is in a busy public place.

We strongly recommend that you do not give out your full name on our Web site. We also strongly recommend that you do not give out your phone number on our Web site.

The Web site has been designed in such a way that you can safely and securely converse with other members without having to reveal your identity.

We have taken measures to prevent members from having access to other members' email addresses. This is part of our commitment to respect and protect the privacy of our members.

We have provided online forms on the site for members to contact each other. After some correspondence, after getting to know another member and building up trust, you can at your discretion disclose your email address in messages.

Members are however forbidden to disclose their email addresses within their profiles. All attempts to do this are recorded and multiple attempts will prompt investigation.

Any members who abuse our security measures will at our discretion be banned at IP level. (This means you will not be able to log onto the site any more using your computer, even using a different username and password).

Abusive members may also be reported to their ISP and if appropriate to the police.

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